Wednesday, May 29, 2024


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Holistic Strategy for Better Employability after MBA

Covid and Career: Let's make this situation  Covid and Career, both are not fighting with each other. This pandemic destroyed so many businesses as well as also bringing new opportunities. While some...

MBA vs PGDM: Which is better?

Everything has an expiry date, probably true with MBA. In India MBA is an old version for those wanting to pursue management studies and now two-year diploma course PGDM sounds better,...


Universities in India are extremely slow in revising their curriculum to the changing industry demand. This is why we don't have an MBA in Financial Markets or in real estate, although...

Reasons Why People Do MBA

1. MBA can help with professional success A standout among-st the most well-known explanations behind doing a MBA is that, for some individuals, it can prompt the higher stage in their professions....
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