Covid and Career: Let’s make this situation 

Covid and Career, both are not fighting with each other. This pandemic destroyed so many businesses as well as also bringing new opportunities. While some industries are about to shut down some industries are scaling up. Let’s discuss Corona and Career and how MBA is still a great option for students. 

Simply denoting as Master in Business Administration means to develop the skills required for better careers in business and management. However, it is not limited to the business world, it is equally useful to those pursuing a management career in the public or private sector. 

I am Amit Khana Founder and CEO of College Idea, sharing my opinion to help you understand business management and it’s need after COVID 19 pandemic. 

In my opinion our life requires full of management therefore the word management broadly touches everything. Whether talking of us or managing our physical health, mental health, office work, house management, communication management, and so on. 

In the larger perspective, if we understand then adding MBA qualification after any degree is equally beneficial to acquire managerial and generic skills. Or rather it is a valid degree among dimensions to join a company or to start your own business, even more to take a leap in your career and to add worth to your UG degree.

It is also important to understand so many B-Schools are serving the almost same MBA meal with different presentations and adding their own spices. However, the approach used by the learner and what they have learned makes all the difference or in other words what makes the MBA valuable. 

Jobs, workplace, wages, government and private sector regulators are all in the middle of a maelstrom of change as a host of internal and external factors drive how we will work in the future. We are witnessing a radical change in the jobs in the center of Covid pandemic. 

Now a new culture of work from home is scaling it up with more possibility of employment to gig workers who are skilled in automation and other IT skills with more emphasis on mental, physical and emotional well being of the employees.

Industries that are part of the fourth industrial revolution recognize the need to develop a holistic strategy. Organizations need to keep professionals that not only understand the culture and dynamics of the company, product, as well as the industry but, at the same time equipped with all the relevant skill sets required for the future. And specially the performance which does not require automation will have more weightage in the form of creativity, innovation, imagination, and designing skills of the employees. 

Technical skills will remain the indispensable formulation and a must for a strong career but the supplement of generic life skills will also be needed for the career progression and longevity. Here comes the importance of MBA for adding up in the generic life skills. 

In nutshell

We may agree that basic science technology, engineering and mathematics, general intelligence would become imperative for most jobs in various spheres as we normally observe in most of the competitions for key positions. But an MBA gives you an extra edge in the form of increments in your analytical thinking, innovation, learning ability, leadership skills, art of negotiations, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and relationship building, cognitive abilities which will be essential for the future human resources to sustain and get success in the competitive market.

Apart from it the ability to acquire, manage and analyze data would be a key skill in the future. Therefore many of the good B-Schools are now offering add on modules on business or data analytics. 

Besides, an MBA is worth it because it unlocks your potential, expanded your network, improved your networking skills, increased your confidence levels and changed your attitude. MBA also tends to enjoy a very specific set of soft skills such as team work, problem solving, interpersonal communication and hard skills gives you an extra mile in reaching the sky point.

It also teaches you the essential functions such as Accounting, Finance, marketing which makes you apply to your specific business practices. MBA could be one of your life changing decisions. But remember it depends on you.



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